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Dark Ballet was founded in 2015 by Jeffrey Moore (Mr. Chaos) and in early 2016, Dark Ballet put out its first CD, Master of XIS, with Jeffrey as the composer and sole musician. In the summer of 2016, Jeffrey invited Crystal to join him in making the music that accompanies the dance between darkness and light. Currently, the duo is in the studio working on the band’s second album with supporting members Mike Voelker, Chuck VanZandt, and Jenn Seguin.

Jeffrey Moore

Composition, guitars, vocals, synthesizer, and percussion

Jeffrey has collaborated with some very talented individuals in the music industry.  He's had the honor of being a student of Mike Campese, Neil Diercks, Joe Musella, Tom Hess, Adriana Balic, Robin Stone, Bruce Saunders and many others.  His main instruments are guitar, synthesizer, and voice. His love of the darkness and his friends who inhabit that space have influenced his life direction in ways he couldn't imagine even a decade ago. Among his musical influences include Electric Light Orchestra, Frédéric Chopin, Metallica, Olivia Newton-John, Rob Zombie, Styx, Emily Autumn, and Type O Negative. 

Crystal MOORE

Bass, vocals, and composition

In between testimonies and the occasional person speaking in tongues, Crystal stood in front of a small fundamentalist Christian congregation and belted out gospel tunes beginning at age 4. Her grandma, Beulah, would ask her to sing gospel songs into an old tape recorder so she could listen later. These early performance experiences turned into a life long love of music which includes heavy metal, R&B, funk, classic rock and many other genres. Crystal sees music as a medium in which the soul can express itself in a space that allows for infinite connections. Attracted to the bass bottom that holds songs together, Crystal finds herself caught somewhere between percussion and melody. Dark Ballet, a pure expression of what lies within as we experience and anticipate what is inevitably ahead, provides the perfect context for the melodic thump. 

Supporting band members
Mike Voelker

Electric guitar

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