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The Dark Ballet sound – heavy melodic rock ensconced in catchy melodies – is supported by elements of classic, hard, and synth rock styles.Our first CD, Master of XIS, was composed and performed solely by Jeffrey Moore, the choreographer of our Dark Ballet. In 2016, the Dark Ballet became a duo, and we are now working on the band’s second album. 

Pile Driver-Single
Pile Driver2.jpg

You've seen her before.  You're either afraid or envious. Are you a pile driver, or are you part of the bent and broken wreckage of those who dare challenge a pile driver.  Single minded, single purpose, no mystery here, just make sure you don't ask the wrong question.  Don't make the wrong suggestion. Enjoy the ride!

To which War God do you pray? This song reminds us that through a wake of black air, bloodied earth, foul water, and scarred hearts, the almighty War God’s power transforms what we were, who we are, and what we could become. For millennia, the War God has ensured there are desolate losers, relentless fear, triumphant winners, and wanton destruction – has the War God answered our prayers yet?

Oh Come Oh Come

The death and destruction of the past years echos through those scarred and those no longer with us.  The fruits of the frozen ground are oppositional-Hope and Despair.  Those that fall to despair, are lost as much as the dead.  Those with hope and the will to fight on are honored with the re-imagining of a holiday classic.


Candy Cane is a musical sonnet that gives voice to the love and desire shared between a mortal human and an immortal being – one of the sensual undead driven by insatiable desire in the dark of night. The lovers come to the realization that one will live on – timeless and desirable – and the other is destined to die. Listen as they plead and pray for one more kiss from the enchanting Candy Cane. 

Smile Is a Dream (SINGLE)

Smile is a Dream was inspired by a killer smile.  Could it be the last smile you will ever see?

One More Time -- (single) Remaster 2017

One More Time is a plea to the universe.  How do the dead and the living exist when only love binds them?

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