The music of Dark Ballet gives creative voice to the variety of experience that comes with life and death, possession and loss, darkness and light, mortality and immortality.


As we dance among these forces, our songs provide an accompaniment to embracing grief, joy, fear, sensuality, fury, abandon, angst – the emotions that can move us toward being more than we were just a moment ago.


We embrace the fact that this mortal dance lasts but a few, short breaths and while we can, we want to experience it all. The Dark Ballet sound – gothic themes ensconced in catchy melodies supported by elements of classic, hard, and synth rock styles – is delivered with a sprinkle of pop appeal.


As with life, our music has a magic for everyone. 

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Jeffrey Dark

The Choreographer 

Composition, guitars, vocals, synthesizer, and percussion

Mike Voelker

The Metalsmith

Electric guitar, vocals

Crystal Low

Queen of the Bottom

Bass, vocals, and composition

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