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The music of Dark Ballet gives creative voice to the variety of experiences that stand out on life's journey. Along our collective and individual paths, we encounter a variety of events and circumstances that shape who we are – for better or worse.


As we dance among these forces, our songs provide an accompaniment to embracing grief, joy, fear, sensuality, fury, abandon, angst – the emotions that can move us toward being more than we were just a moment ago.


We embrace the fact that this mortal dance lasts but a few, short breaths and while we can, we want to experience it all. The Dark Ballet sound – heavy melodic rock ensconced in catchy melodies – is supported by elements of classic, hard, and synth rock styles.

At the core of Dark Ballet are Jeff & Crystal Moore as principal musicians and songwriters. The core of the band is supported by other players who perform with the duo live and on album tracks. 


As with life, our music has a magic for everyone. 

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